POLARIZED - Blacklist 100

by Rancho Relaxo

  • POLARIZED - Blacklist 100 Series 5 Track 12" EP

    Wrong Way Blacklist 100

    First up in our exclusive Blacklist 100 Series is 100 x 12" hand stamped and hand numbered black vinyl EPs, by one of our favourite's Rancho Relaxo.

    These are being exclusively offered to our mailing list fans first. We are now down to the last 20 or so copies!

    All 5 tracks are heavily influenced by the welcome addition of their new vintage 60s Rhythm Ace drum machine

    "This Norwegian psych collective is releasing this fine EP in early May. The band favors strong melodies, drones, and general trippiness. The music is spacey and chill with gentle percussion, and you can imagine yourself floating away as it envelops you. It’s the same feeling I get when I listen to Chatham Rise and other bands that inhabit this musical space. “Spooky Satisfaction at a Distance” perfectly illustrates this, as does the equally gentle and gorgeous “Augen Zu”. The latter tune is mesmerizing and is possibly my favorite of the set. The first leaked song ‘Tell Me Something” has warm keyboard washes that caress and enhance your auditory experience. In summary, this is another quality release from Al Boyd’s terrific label." Elizabeth Klisiewicz, The Big Takeover Spring Review

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released May 26, 2017



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